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Virginia "Ginny" Jones.

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Ginny is a natural born Psychic, 

ever since she can remember she has been able to sense energy,

Reiki Master-Teacher, Medical Intuitive, Intuitive, Transformation Life Coach

Hypno-Abundance Practitioner, Visionary, Quantum Traveller

Known as Ginny, she works in the Intuitive Educational Fields Nationally & Internationally

She works with the deepest integrity, to assist people, through  difficult times.

Her compassionate empathy uplifts humanity and directs people towards a way to work through life’s challenges.

In which she see’s confidence, courage, strength and JOY return.

As she works with people, she whispers to your soul, the essence of who you are. The truest expression of YOU.

She see’s each person’s vibration, and taps into this uniqueness as she see’s everyone is uniquely made up of glyphs of codes.

Her intuitive knowing has assisted many:

Emotionally, Mentally, Physically and Spiritually.

Her Techniques are able to balance the body and restore depleted energies, within seconds, a coming together.

Ginny heads to the core, is able to remove blocks, in turn, promotes increased vitality, Health, Wealth and Well-being.

Skype sessions are available:

Healing sessions, Transmission/Activation, Intuitive Readings

Stress Relief and most importantly removal of the side effects 

of stress.

She also teaches techniques that will calm the body and mind.

Healing Modalities include:

Healing Activations/Transmissions, Intuitive Readings, Reiki, Crystals, Inner Child, Emotional Freedom, Conscious and 

Subconscious Work, Sound, Cell Singing, Light Frequency-Light Language, 5th Dimension Frequency Healing, Galactic Core 

Cellular Light Frequency Healing,

Her works are sort after;

Colour Coaching, Abundance Coaching, Transformation Life Coaching,, Confidence Building, Stress Management, Meditation, The Angelic Realms

The Spirit World and Many Star Beings.

Recognised world wide, as one of the most intuitive “Holistic Healers” 

that the world is now recognising in her field.

Expect Miracles.



First off, this is coming from someone who has received several readings from highly advanced intuitives. Ginny takes the cake when it comes to the highest energy! I could literally see spirit orbs flying around her during the whole reading, which was amazing! She validated many things that I have going on in my life at the moment. She also enlightened me on some events that have yet to happen. She had no problem telling me exactly what I need to work on, and I really respect that! She has also done a Light Body Activation on me that I have to say really launched me even further out on to my spiritual path. I've had it validated from two different psychics that this Activation really boosted my vibration considerably! I consider her my soul family and would recommend her to anyone who is trying to improve their life in a spiritual way! I owe her a debt of gratitude for where I am at today!

Firstly I want to say thank you. I felt much better after, and my husband said he felt so relaxed by the peace energy around me too - I usually have a busy energy because I receive so many creative 'downloads' and that abated for several days, so it was a fabulous rest for both of us. The guides engaged with me on the day I booked with you, and after the healing they worked with me for a while too.It was definitely the right time, I feel more free as a result, but I also want to say there is a nobility with you, that freed me on other levels as well. I felt you were solid, so grounded, and very safe. You are in your right place, doing your right thing, and it's a beautiful gift to share far and wide. I am very grateful to have followed my guidance and booked. You are endlessly blessed. Much love, Deb X

Deb Rowley

Today's Healing Ginny Jones Thank you so much for a beautiful morning, I feel so good about it all, and the knowing ! You are welcome to use any of this email as testimonial and happy to add my name too. Thank you Ginny for a beautiful healing experience; I felt emotional trauma, weight of carrying a good deal of responsibility for a long time, and with your channelling and guidance, it was a gently released. I experienced times in past memories, which I now fully understand their meanings, and now released all fears. Then in came the great feelings of love from entities around me pushing off the weight and filling me with support and love. I will remember this connection and feelings forever. Amazing and awesome. Light Love and Blessings to you and all you continue to help. (P.S. still getting goosebumps as I write - feeling great). Kind regards Chris Keenan Artist 




published by times Square Press New York.

My interview on Healers United Global Summit 


Wonderful  Testimony from a Client

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Virginia Ginny Jones

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